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Hi there!

My name is Josef, but most people call me Joe. I’m a 26 year old UX Designer and Creative Technologist from Ingolstadt, Germany.

Coming from a background in both computer science and design, I love connecting the dots between technical constraints and user satisfaction. My work focus usually adapts according to the project and moves seamless between Design, Software Development and Strategy. In my free time, I am on a never-ending journey to become a language polyglot, love painting contemporary art and play a lot of soccer.

Education-wise I graduated from the technical university Ingolstadt with a Bachelor and Master of Science in User Experience Design. I am specialized in the automotive sector working for icon incar, BMW and currently for Audi. But I am always open to a new perspective and appreciate every given opportunity.

Personal values I live by

Follow your passion

Channel your energy into something you believe in. If you feel like you’re supposed to be doing something, then just do it.

Always be learning

Being a human is a constant work in progress. We continuously need to challenge ourselves in order to grow and improve.

Embrace compassion

Ultimately, we are all sharing the same wants and needs. Practicing compassion brings happiness into your life as well as others.

My Big Five for Life

Be inspiring for other people and have a positive influence on them every day.

Work and live in a foreign country and travel the world for at least two months per year.

Improve the lives of others by solving their problems in creative and innovative ways through technology.

Speak English, French, Russian, and Chinese fluently and have meaningful relationships with foreign friends.

Exercise my mind and body daily, to learn something new every day and, always keep growing.

Inspired by

The Big Five for Life

by John P. Strelecky

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What I'm currently up to

Currently reading

Letters from a Stoic

by Seneca

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Currently learning

Python for Data Science

and Machine Learning

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Currently listening

to Jazz Vibes Playlist

by Spotify

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How my personal life makes me a better UX Designer

Traveling and learning languages taught me

to embrace all cultures and diversity. People's thinking and acting are constantly reflected by their cultural heritage. Trying to learn as much as I can about intercultural differences helps me to better empathize with future users as well as my colleagues around the world. It allows me to quickly adjust to new challenges in life and makes me an open-minded person.

with my girlfriend in Kyiv

exploring the language and culture of my girlfriend in Kyiv

my first mandarin certificate

receiving my first mandarin certificate at the LTL Mandarin school in Beijing

awesome new friends in china

making some awesome new friends in china

roadtripping the west coast

finding a new hobby during my semester abroad in San Diego

Playing football taught me

to work together towards a common goal. Teamwork is everything and if we all help one another, everybody wins. To do so you need to applaud other's efforts, acknowledge their successes and encourage them in their pursuit. If your team couldn't win this time, you need to accept that failure is also a part of life. It is the courage to continue that counts.

working towards the goal

working towards the goal

loosing a game

getting back up after losing a game

Team celebrating

"the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" - Aristotele

enjoying the post match

enjoying the post-match with my teammates

Painting and drawing taught me

that everyone needs a creative outlet of some sort. May it be drawing, painting, singing or writing. Do what makes you happy and be proud of your creativity. Because in the end showing your work to others and receiving feedback isn't something you have to be afraid of.

first day of spring

enjoying the first day of spring

trying to draw an eye

trying to impove my drawing skills

art night with my siblings

had a great art night with my siblings

impression of my paintings

just an impression of my paintings